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  1. rating 1126220 vote

  2. 2013

  3. writer Jordan Belfort

  4. Drama

  5. Director Martin Scorsese

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Scorseses editor. very creative way to approach the scene.
Free Online The Wolf of Wall Street movie site.

I still think The Departed was one of the best. My hand doesn't shake. Ever.

Whos the guy in the yellow shirt at 0:08 ? I know I've seen him somewhere

Free online the wolf of wall street movie sites.
And he DID quit his job! 😂😂😂.
This is the greatest christmas gift :D Leo.
Free Online The Wolf of Wall Street Movie site web.
A mans only weakness.
1:00 what is he saying in French.
Her father is the brother of my dude didn't want to say his uncle.
Free Online The Wolf of Wall Street Movie site.
“Smoke crack with me bro”.
Free Online The Wolf of Wall Street Movie site internet.

I have always been very skeptical about those "get rich (quick. seminars we see advertised and formed my own conclusion that, if you're a charismatic orator and, perhaps, an author of a best-selling motivation book, and highly overrate your own value, it isn't hard. You don't need to be good in business (legitimate business, that is. All you need to be is a good con artist.

I have heard it said that, if you make an A4 size flier with your picture filling most of it and just something like, MARVO the world's greatest hypnotist is coming to (your town) along with dates and venues in small type at the bottom and get a whole pile of them letter-boxed, even if you have no idea about hypnotism, you can do this. A couple of days after the fliers have been delivered, just go and knock on some doors until someone says, Wow! You're that hypnotist on the flier I got the other day! Then just look the person straight in the eye and say, Sleep" and they will fall down right there in front of you. The person saw the flier and believed what it told them so that, when they saw the person whose picture was on it, they were already pre-programmed. And that, in a nutshell, is how con- men work.

And that is also what "The Wolf of Wall Street" is all about. How Scorsese made it last for three whole hours is certainly testimony to his expertise as a director. But, strangely (for me) I thought he really missed the boat as far as the film's full potential was concerned. Maybe Bob Guccione would have done it better because he would have REALLY shown all the porn scenes without bed sheets and subtle camera angles to hide the juicy bits. Whether the movie would have been better for that is, of course, debatable depending on where you stand with regard to both porn and accuracy. (Maybe there is a directors cut version!

As it is though, Wolf" is nothing more than (I presume) an insight into just how corrupt the world of big business is and makes me glad that I have never been there. It is nothing more than three hours of gratuitous profanity, drug abuse and naked debauchery and definitely not worth the time.

How it got nominated for an Academy Award mystifies me. I can only assume that some members of the Academy related to it in some way.

Welcome to the world of unadulterated greed and decadence. The premise of this movie, is 'if you are part of a multi-billion dollar industry that produces nothing, why bother with moral values?

Jordan started from nothing and became a multimillionaire. He defeated the odds, bent the rules and made it big. However, with success he grew even more greedy and nothing was enough. To overcome his urges he needed to binge on drugs and sex in order to cope.

The film is a satire and we observe a man who has it all, yet nothing. Rich yet nothing more than a common junkie. The quest for more and more is never ending and he has to resort to even bigger risks, more law breaking in order to somehow tame his insatiable appetite for more wealth.

The intelligent, witty individual will initially gain our sympathy and liking but soon he is nothing more than a pathetic figure.

This delightful film is ultimately an insight into the world and mind frame of finance and given that it is people like Jordan that caused the crisis the world is currently in, we better take a good look in order to decide how to deal with such attitudes especially when they are so influential.

I know everyone is saying it, but Jonah hill is immaculate in this role...

Does is get any more Waspy than Donnie? Legend.
Makes me think of my dad with me and my two brothers 😂😂😂.
Free online the wolf of wall street movie site inc.
1:08, the scene after this scene in the movie was one of the best moments in the movie. (The bachelors party.

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